Sentire Endoscopic Surgical System
     Sentire Endoscopic Surgical System incorporates clinical expertise, mechanical and electrical engineering, software algorithms, visual imaging, usability, and other state-of-the-art technologies.
     We make delicate and complex minimally invasive surgical procedures easier for surgeons, delivering favourable patient outcomes.

     Sentire Endoscopic Surgical System is designed with a comprehensive set of safety features. With safety as our utmost priority, we make every effort to ensure that the surgical system is reliable and stable in every surgery.


     Fitted with articulating instruments, Sentire Endoscopic Surgical System enables operation to be performed with precision and dexterity. With the lightweight surgeon side arms, tremor filtration, and motion control techniques, surgeons can perform delicate and complex surgeries in confined spaces.

Smooth and Effortless Control

     Sentire Endoscopic Surgical System offers hand-eye coordination experience similar to traditional open surgery. Our system provides real-time visual feedback that allows surgeons to operate with smooth and effortless control.


     Sentire Endoscopic Surgical System is designed make preoperative preparation simpler. It is furnished with a user-friendly UI interface, comprehensive guidance system, and safety protocols. Intraoperative exchange of instruments can also be performed with ease, making surgical procedures more efficient.

Vivid Imaging

     Cspeed Vision 3D imaging system is independently developed to empower Sentire Endoscopic Surgical System with vivid visual feedback. The system projects high quality images with world-class colour saturation, brightness, contrast, and clarity.

     Our unique dual-channel system produces lucid and vivid 3D images, allowing surgeons to perform delicate surgery with precision and smoothness.


     We are forging accessibility in robotic surgery. We are committed to developing practical and innovative solutions and providing high-quality medical devices for users and patients around the world.