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Kangnosten Robot Surgery Training System
Theoretical learning stage
Simulation operation stage
Animal experiment stage
Clinical practice stage
Theoretical learning stage: Understand the basic functions and working principles of surgical robots

Training objectives:Understand product design and component names, be familiar with equipment standard operating procedures
For the crowd:A team interested in conducting robotic surgery
Training duration:0.5 days
Place:Certified training center
Training format:Theoretical teaching
Training instructor:Connor Teng Internal Certified Lecturer
Content:Product design principles and names of various components, basic working principles, equipment preparation and debugging connection, operating room layout, equipment cleaning and instrument management, equipment management and storage
Training focus:
Practitioner:Understand product design principles and surgical procedures
assistant:Understand product design principles and surgical procedures
Operating Room Nurse:Basic principle and preparation process of the product
Advanced condition:Complete theoretical learning and pass assessment
Simulation operation stage: Master the basic operating skills and cooperation of robots in a simulated environment

Training objectives:Familiar with basic operations such as preoperative preparation, disinfection, debugging, and various basic skills in robotic surgery
For the crowd:A surgical team that has completed theoretical training and needs to master the basic skills of surgical robots
Training duration:0.5 days
Place:Certified training center
Training format:Simulator Operation Exercise
Training instructor:Connor Teng Internal Certified Lecturer
Content:Operating room layout of equipment, equipment connection and aseptic preparation, patient positioning and surgical approach planning, patient surgical platform docking and instrument placement, surgical operation skills: mirror operation skills, hand cooperation and precise positioning, cutting and suturing knots, and energy instrument use
Training focus:
Practitioner:Basic operational skills
assistant:Surgical cooperation and preparation of approach
Operating Room Nurse:Equipment connection and sterile preparation
Animal experiment stage: Improving surgical skills and team cooperation ability in animal experiments

Training objectives:Classify according to specific specialties, simulate the entire process of clinical surgery, and master relevant skills
For the crowd:A robot surgery team that has completed basic operational training and requires specialized surgical skills simulation exercises through animal experiments
Training duration:1 day
Place:Certified training center
Training format:Practice of Animal Experiment Techniques
Training instructor:Certified Instructor
Content:Introduction and recommended practice of comparative anatomy before animal experiments, surgical procedures for specialized simulated clinical surgeries
Urology surgery:Radical nephrectomy for renal cell carcinoma; Radical prostatectomy for prostate adenocarcinoma; Radical resection of bladder cancer; Radical prostatectomy
Gynecological surgical procedures:Endometrial cancer radical surgery
General Surgery:Radical gastrectomy for gastric and rectal cancer; Left lateral lobectomy of gallbladder and liver
Training focus:
Clinical practice stage: Carry out robot surgery according to the clinical plan
Training objectives:According to the actual situation of the surgical team, develop a clinical surgery plan, enhance academic confidence, master the robot clinical surgery from simple to complex, and pass the Learning curve
For the crowd:A team that has completed animal experiment training and is preparing to carry out robotic surgery
Training duration:90 days
Place:Surgical team work unit
Training format:Clinical Surgery
Training instructor:-
Content:Carry out robot clinical surgery pathology at different stages according to the surgical plan, and accumulate surgical experience
Training focus:
Practitioner:Conduct clinical surgery
assistant:Clinical surgical cooperation and approach preparation
Operating Room Nurse:Equipment connection and sterile preparation
Advanced condition:Complete 10-15 robotic surgeries within 90 days
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