Cornerstone Robotics @ LEAP 2024: Chinese Innovation Shines at the Middle East’s Technology Feast



When the ancient desert meets the oasis of future technology, what sparks will be ignited?

LEAP 2024, a grand gathering of global technological innovation, shone brilliantly as it unfolded in Saudi Arabia. In this forum hailed as the "A Digital DAVOS," a rising star of innovation from the Greater Bay Area, Cornerstone Robotics, showcased the innovative Sentire Endoscopic Surgical System, demonstrating the medical technology prowess of China's Greater Bay Area to the world.

This technological feast brought together 172,000 participants from approximately 183 countries and regions worldwide, along with over 1,800 tech exhibitors and more than 1,100 speakers. Together, they delved into cutting-edge trends such as health tech, fintech, artificial intelligence, and e-commerce. As one of the forces of technological innovation in Hong Kong Science Park, Cornerstone Robotics shone like a dazzling new star on LEAP 2024, embarking on a journey towards a vast and promising future.

Technology & Innovation

On March 4th, at the Health-Tech themed session of LEAP 2024, Mr. Albert Wong, CEO of Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP), along with representatives from innovative enterprises in the park, joined Professor Samuel Au, CEO of Cornerstone Robotics, and other distinguished guests in a special seminar titled "Hong Kong Healthtech Innovations Drive Global Transformation for Generations to Come." They discussed the transformative innovations happening in the medical technology industry and shared the vision and boundless opportunities between Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia in related fields.



Hong Kong Science Park, as the largest technology industry hub in Hong Kong, plays a crucial role in driving local innovation and technology development. This year, Hong Kong Science Park has taken LEAP 2024 as a convergence point for culture and innovation, with the theme of "Stepping into a New World." Together with Hong Kong Cyberport, they co-hosted the Hong Kong Pavilion at LEAP 2024, showcasing the remarkable developments of top-tier tech companies in Hong Kong Science Park of biotech and healthcare. Within LEAP 2024, Cornerstone Robotics, with its high-quality and innovative Sentire Endoscopic Surgical System, stands shoulder to shoulder with global innovators and unicorn companies, closely following the global wave of breakthrough innovation in technology.



A masterpiece of innovation, capturing global attention.

As an innovative player in the field of medical technology, Cornerstone Robotics garnered widespread attention as a key exhibitor at LEAP 2024, showcasing its self-developed Sentire Endoscopic Surgical System. During the exhibition, important figures such as H.E. Abdullah Alswaha, Chairman of King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST); Dr. Khalid A. Aldakkan, Senior Vice President of KACST; Professor Sun Dong, Secretary for Innovation, Technology, and Industry (SITI) of the HKSAR Government; Mr. Albert Wong, CEO of HKSTP, and Mr. Peter YAN, CEO of Hong Kong Cyberport, visited Cornerstone Robotics' booth for exchanges and test drives. After learning about Cornerstone Robotics' innovative technology, the clinical value of its products, and its global deployment, they expressed high recognition and anticipation for the application of Cornerstone Robotics' products.


Sentire Endoscopic Surgical System, innovatively developed by Cornerstone Robotics, is specifically designed for complex and delicate minimally invasive surgeries. It represents not only a technological achievement but also a commitment to providing high-quality healthcare in the future. It embodies high-quality medical services, the forefront of medical technology development, and an important component of the globalization of high-quality medical resources.



Thanks to its independently developed core components and robust technological platform, Sentire Endoscopic Surgical System boasts several industry-leading designs. With its highly dexterous and wrist-like multi-functional instruments and immersive 3D high-definition imaging, it extends the surgeon's hands and eyes to wherever they are needed. By utilizing technologies such as lightweight major arms, tremor filtering, and motion correction, the system enables stable and precise surgical operations, meeting the practical needs of surgeons in clinical applications.



Cornerstone Robotics continuous presence in overseas markets represents the global expansion of China's self-developed, high-quality robotic surgical systems, showcasing its core technological strength and marking the further implementation of its internationalization strategy.


At LEAP 2024, a gathering place for global innovation forces, Cornerstone Robotics stands shoulder to shoulder with global tech unicorn companies. Here, innovation is no longer isolated sparks but a vibrant galaxy of collisions and fusions. Cornerstone Robotics, together with outstanding global enterprises, is exploring more possibilities for innovative integration, jointly creating a more prosperous future for innovation and technology.