Explore the Future of Healthcare with Cornerstone Robotics: A Highlight at the 2024 China Medical Equipment Conference

Initiating Training Programs

Promoting Inclusive Innovation Technology for Patients


On March 28th, Cornerstone Robotics (abbreviated as "CSR") debuted its self-developed Sentire surgical system and core instruments at the 2024 China Medical Equipment Conference & Exhibition. This showcase was a testament to our commitment to exploring and embracing the future of medical innovation. In line with our mission to empower clinical practice and serve the public with innovative technology, CSR proudly launched the "Global Robotic Surgery Training Program for Surgeons" during the exhibition. This initiative aims to equip a growing number of minimally invasive surgeons worldwide with the knowledge and practical skills needed to excel in surgical robotics. By doing so, we accelerate the adoption of surgical robotics, enhance clinical capabilities, and ensure more patients have access to high-quality medical services.


Ms. Hou Yan, Chairperson of the China Medical Equipment Association, and her delegation, graced CSR’s launch ceremony with their presence.


Ms. Hao Ruping, Chief Operating Officer of CSR, stated, "Since our establishment in 2019, Cornerstone has undergone over four years of substantial development. The company name itself reflects our founding vision to 'lay the groundwork of China's surgical robotics industry.' We are committed to the development and production of surgical systems that not only aid surgeons but also cater to diverse global regions and provide services to patients from various economic backgrounds. Thus far, we have collaborated with leading medical institutions in mainland China, Hong Kong, and Europe, conducted multicenter, multidisciplinary human clinical trials, and are actively working towards product registration and market launch in both domestic and international markets."


"Advanced surgical robotics are the cornerstone of precise minimally invasive surgery, while the growth in skilled physicians and top-tier medical resources the cornerstone of advancing the medical industry," added Ms. Hao. "Enhancing and broadening the skills of surgeons and increasing the number of high-quality minimally invasive surgeons are our ongoing commitments and responsibilities at CSR. Through our high-quality products and services, we consistently strive to fulfill our corporate mission of 'Cornerstone to better healthcare.' As we enter the era of robotic surgery, we look forward to collaboratively shaping the future ahead."


Ms. Hou Yan, Chairperson of the China Medical Equipment Association, expressed her expectations and well-wishes for CSR's innovation and development. She stated, "As an integral part of the medical equipment industry, surgical robotics has seen rapid growth. CSR, a dynamic and innovative company, has achieved significant milestones in the field of surgical robotics. We eagerly anticipate the launch of CSR's products to bolster clinical practice. The development of new technologies is aimed at transforming the clinical surgical landscape, enhancing service capabilities, and ultimately benefiting the public. In addition to these products, we are pleased with CSR's focus on technical proficiency training. The China Medical Equipment Association is committed to fostering a collaborative innovation platform for industry, academia, research, and application, enhancing the service capabilities of medical institutions, and driving industry growth. We hope that outstanding companies like CSR will join forces to strengthen and expand China's medical equipment industry."


Innovative Technology with Independent Control

Making High-Quality Medical Services More Accessible


Laparoscopic surgical robots are commonly employed in complex surgeries such as urology, gynecology, general surgery, and thoracic surgery. They negate the drawbacks of open surgery and traditional minimally invasive procedures while amalgamating the best of both worlds. This results in smaller incisions, quicker recovery times, reduced bleeding, and fewer complications for patients. The Sentire surgical system, developed by CSR, is the epitome of their dedication to innovation and the sharing of high-quality medical services.


The Sentire surgical system, with its high flexibility, wrist-like multi-functional instruments, and immersive 3D high-definition imaging, enables surgeons to perform intricate and delicate operations within confined body cavities in a stable and comfortable working environment. It also minimizes patient trauma and expedites postoperative recovery, thereby enhancing the utilization of medical resources and making high-quality medical services more efficient and accessible.


Since its founding in 2019, CSR has steadily developed a technological framework for surgical robots, drawing on core technologies such as mechanical architecture, electrical architecture, software architecture, complex algorithms, and visual imaging. The company has established three major pipelines for multi-port surgical robots, single-port robots, and groundbreaking innovation robots, complemented by advanced tools and delicate specialized accessories. It has extensively mapped out the soft tissue robotic surgery ecosystem. Through the integration of scientific research, technology development, clinical translation, and industrialization, CSR gains a profound understanding of clinical needs, addresses practical clinical issues, and ensures that Sentire, the CSR endoscopic surgical robot, serves not only as a high-end medical device but also as a dependable assistant to surgeons, ultimately leading to improved treatment outcomes for patients.


Currently, CSR's surgical robots have successfully completed multi-disciplinary clinical trials in Hong Kong and have been enrolled in registered clinical trials across multiple centers in mainland China. The company has entered a new stage of industrialization and has simultaneously commenced global registration and certification efforts. CSR is actively promoting Chinese innovative medical technology in the global market, allowing more patients to access high-quality medical services that are truly within reach.